Three Tips for Finding Vacation Deals

Everybody loves to take a break from their regular life and get out of town. Whether you work, are in school, or are simply stuck in a rut, a trip is a wonderful way to recharge your batteries and lower the level of stress in your life. One of the obstacles that many people face is that travel can be expensive. You have to pay for flights, eating out, and hotel stays. One of the best ways to keep these costs down is to find vacation deals. Here are four tips to find bargains on your next getaway.

Pick Your Times

Getting good prices on hotels and flights is all about timing. While most people know that booking a plane ticket far in advance can save you money, flying on specific days can as well. For many airlines, flights during the week will be cheaper than during the weekend. Likewise, many resorts increase their rates for Friday and Saturday nights. If your destination is popular due to the climate, such as a beach or a ski resort, consider reserving a room during the off-season. Many establishments offer significantly reduced rates during the slow times. In some cases, room rates may be as much as half off.

Sign Up for a Rewards Card

Most people receive credit card offers in the mail at least once a week. While you do not need to have a lot of credit cards, a good travel rewards card can get you great vacation deals. Many offer introductory offers that give users large bonuses if a certain amount is charged in the first few months. This might be 50,000 frequent flier miles, or 100,000 points to use at a chain of hotels. As long as users are responsible with their card usage, they basically get these rewards for free. The points can be redeemed for round-trip flights, nights at a hotel, and even car rentals. Furthermore, these travel cards offer other perks, such as complimentary insurance for cancelled trips, rental cars, and lost luggage.

Find a Hotel With Perks

The one expense that many people underestimate, or don’t plan for at all, is food. When you are away from home, especially if your hotel room doesn’t have a kitchen, you need to eat out for every meal of the day. Two people, spending frugally, can easily spend over $100 a day on food. If you have your family on vacation with you, that number can increase substantially. In order to counter this, you should try to find a hotel that offers complimentary meals. Many establishments include some type of breakfast, whether continental or full. Others offer free happy hours with snacks or free boxed lunches for guests.

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